Primulina yungfuensis

This is an interesting fairly new species, not often seen in cultivation. It has unusually patterned small leaves, giving it a distinctive appearance. This specimen was shown at the 2019 convention show of the Gesneriad Society. Other specimens of the plant appear to have darker leaves

Rhabdothamnopsis sinensis

Exhibited in the 2020 virtual show of the Gesneriad Society. Rhabdothamnopsis sinensis is the single variable species in the genus, native to parts of southern China. Floral variability includes a range of colors, from lavender blue through to purple exterior corolla with white lobes.

Seemannia nematanthodes

Exhibited at the 2020 virtual show of the Gesneriad Society. This can be a dramatic cultivar, as is apparent from the photo above. Normally it’s a trailing/sprawling plant, but the grower in this instance has used inconspicuous staking to make it a spectacular upright specimen. Additional

Sinningia ‘Esther’

Sinningia ‘Esther’ is an unusual and potentially dramatic plant. It has peloric (radially symmetrical) flowers and produces multiple smallish crowns. This allows the development of a fine head of foliage, with the bright red flowers held above the leaves. Parentage is unknown; the hybrid

Sinningia ‘Flair’

This magnificent specimen won “Best in Show” at the April 1999 show of the Toronto Gesneriad Society. It was a spectacular plant in both flower and foliage. A triumph. Another photo, exhibited in the 2020 virtual show of the Gesneriad Society (21 years after the exhibition

Sinningia ‘Owlsee Red Hot’

This fine hybrid created by Alcie Maxwell has what is known as “calyx double” features. The calyx, rather than being the usual small leafy green structure, has morphed into a “tube” enveloping the corolla tube. The prominent calyx lobes then have the appearance of extra petals.

Sinningia ‘Ozark Jumbo Sundae’

Exhibited at the 2012 convention of the Gesneriad Society. This hybrid is one of a series by hybridizer David Harris, all of which use the prefix “Ozark”. Another show plant, exhibited at the 2020 virtual show of the Gesneriad Society, can be seen here.

Sinningia ‘Playful Porpoise’

This plant is a “calyx double”, in that the calyx is fused into a tube and serves as an extra “doubling” layer of apparent petals. A close-up view shows the attractive complexity of the flower; exhibited at the 2020 virtual show of the Gesneriad

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