Petrocosmea thermopuncta

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  • Previous Name: Petrocosmea duclouxii and Petrocosmea grandifloria
  • Photographer: Ray Drew
  • Grown by: Ray Drew

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Petrocosmea thermopuncta has been in cultivation since the late 1990’s and was first introduced as Petrocosmea duclouxii later as Petrocosmea grandifloria. It has a limited distribution in the wild, growing in cracks in rocky limestone cliffs in south-eastern Yunnan at around 2000m.  Another plant can be seen here.

Petrocosmea thermopuncta, a probable hybrid species from Yunnan, is described and illustrated. Formerly known in cultivation as P. grandiflora, this taxon is named thermopuncta (hotspot) with reference to the dark spot in the corolla tube and its growing in a biodiversity hotspot, (though of uncertain geographical provenance).