The Gesneriad Reference Web is the personal project of Ron Myhr. It has grown out of a love of the gesneriads, linking nicely with an inclination to fool around with computer technology. I hope that the site is useful to others researching the Gesneriaceae, and to those looking simply to see some very pretty pictures of plants.

My perspective on the site has been that of an editor and publisher. The technology is a tool essential to the publishing task, but the principle creative activity has been to assemble information (both visual and textual) in the service of my objectives for the site. I’ve had quite a bit of help to this end.

Many people have contributed to the site. A large group of talented photographers have supplied images for posting, and some of these folks, along with others, have contributed articles. A number have functioned as proof-readers and beta testers, and a few have contributed their time in the site development process. Most of these individuals are identified on the Contributors page.

There are a lot of images on the site, and a lot of them are pretty good pictures of pretty good plants. But a few are particularly nice images of spectacularly interesting plants. A collection of these are presented on the Best of the Site page, with links to the full-size images. The selection available on this page changes from time to time, as new material is added or as I decide to highlight some alternative photos. Check back often.

All changes to the site are documented on the Site History page. This is the best place to go to see what is new — the most recent entry in the history chronicle is at the top of the page.