The Library of Botanical Publications is an archive of journal articles that address the Gesneriaceae. It is intended to provide:

  • a resource for those interested in the Gesneriaceae or seeking original science-based and historical material to extend their knowledge of the family
  • easy initial access to original publications for researchers and students in support of their investigations
  • a mechanism for researchers to ensure their investigations are made readily available to a broad audience

The library has a page for each listed publication, which provides the title and authors, the genera addressed and the abstract. In the majority of cases we also provide a link to download a PDF of the document, as well as the URL for the article on the journal website.

We respect copyright while advocating for broad public access to research. We believe that we have appropriate author or other permission for posting of the PDFs available here; where the PDF is not available, the linked website usually provides an alternative mechanism for accessing the full text of the article.  Authors or others who believe that permission has not been granted for posting of copyright material should use the Contact link above to let us know of the problem.

While we are very happy to provide a resource for quick review of article content, we encourage researchers or others with an institutional affiliation to then access the material through their institution’s arrangements with publishers.

Authors are invited to submit their articles to us for posting; use the Contact link above to be in touch, and we will make the appropriate arrangements.

There are a great many published articles on the Gesneriaceae, and we will never be able to post them all. We’ll build up the inventory over time with a focus on those publications that have proven, or seem likely to be, of significant importance.

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