. . . The Gesneriad Society!

The Gesneriad Society (GS) is a membership organization for people with an interest in the Gesneriaceae family. While registered as a non-profit organization in the United States it has a broad international membership and supports Gesneriad-related activities around the world.

The GRW is part of the Gesneriad Society’s network of activities in support of two important elements of its purpose – to gather and publish reliable information about the Gesneriaceae, and to stimulate a wide-spread interest in the family.

Other elements of the GS’s program in support of these objectives include publication of the journal Gesneriads, maintenance of an active presence on various social media, support for publishable research on the Gesneriaceae and holding annual convention flower shows, open to the public.

We encourage you to engage with the Gesneriad Society; navigate to the GS website through the link below or at the top of each page. Do become a member and help to support resources like the GRW and the continuing development of our understanding of this outstanding plant family.

Further information on the Society, its activities and membership may be found on its primary website, at https://www.gesneriadsociety.org/.