Alsobia  punctata x A. chiapensis

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  • Previous Name: Alsobia punctata x A. sp. "Chiapas"
  • Photographer: Ron Myhr
  • Grown by: Ron Myhr

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This is a seedling created by John Boggan, primarily as a test of the relatedness of these two fairly different species. Alsobia chiapensis was at the time known as A. sp. “Chiapas”, after the part of Mexico where it was collected, and A. punctata had long been in cultivation and used to produce other hybrids when crossed with A. dianthiflora. The new collection was confirmed as an Alsobia in part through the success of the cross, although the two collections were sufficiently different to warrant creation of a separate species for “Chiapas”.

Unfortunately, it appears that this cultivar is no longer in cultivation and is presumed extinct — although it could be remade! It made an attractive basket plant, comfortable in cool and dry winter conditions in bright light. It set many buds in short-day conditions.

Closeups of the flower can be seen in a slideshow by clicking here and here.