Conandron ramondioides

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  • Photographer: Kunihiko
  • Grown by: Garden of Zen, Japan

Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

Conandron ramondiodes is an alpine plant that tolerates several degrees of frost (or more) with adequate snow cover or other mulch. In nature it grows on rocks with moss, in shady relatively damp locations. Like most alpine plants it will not tolerate wet circumstances during the cold season. After the growing season the mature leaves dry and fall off, but small very wrinkled new leaves begin to grow and will maintain this form during the winter before coming to life and unfolding in the spring.

The natural range of C. ramondioides includes Japan, Taiwan and adjacent parts of China. It grows on mossy cliffs in forests to 1300m.

The typical “wild” version of this species has purple flowers, as above, although white and pink forms are in cultivation. All forms are grown as garden plants in cool climates with moderate winters, and as greenhouse or indoor plants (under artificial light). It is said to be hardy to Zone 8 in North America.

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