Gloxinia erinoides ‘Luziania’

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  • Previous Name: Koellikeria erinoides
  • Photographer: Alcie Maxwell
  • Grown by: Alcie Maxwell

Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

This form of the fine species Gloxinia erinoides was collected near the town of Luziania in Brazil, in about 2005. Seed was obtained from Mauro Peixoto through his company Brazil Plants, and grown by Alcie under artificial light.

Over the year or so before flowering, it was grown under high intensity T5 PAR lights, and performed very well.

The photo shows the plant having dark leaves, but the grower reports that this may be due to a combination of culture (with fairly high intensity colored LED lights) and lighting conditions during photography. Other photographs do not show the foliage as being this dark. In all cases, the leaves have almost none of the spotting characteristic of some cultivars of this species.

Note that some flowers (even on the same plant) have a degree of fimbriation on the lower lobes, but others do not.

Other views of the plant can be seen in a slideshow, beginning with the first slide clicked from the list below.