Petrocosmea ‘Keystone’s Bantam’

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  • Photographer: Dale Martens
  • Grown by: Dale Martens

Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

Hybrid by Tim Tuttle.  Cross of Petrocosmea cryptic (formerly Petrocosmea rosettifolia) x Petrocosmea sericea. It is a sibling of Petrocosmea ‘Rosemary Platz’.  A small grower which usually goes not get any bigger than 3 inches in diameter.  Leaves are deep green with yellow veining and flowers are pure white with light green throats. Usually a heavy seasonal bloomer .

This hybrid may exhibit a “button” in the center of the plant, Petrocosmea ‘Keystone Bantam’ does this often. During the winter if is keep drier than usual and cooler, this trait which comes from Petrocosmea cryptica may be present.  The plant will produce a new whorl of leaves from the center “button” on its next growth cycle.  To see an example click here.