Petrocosmea ‘Rosemary Platz’

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  • Photographer: Unknown
  • Grown by: Unknown

Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

Petrocosmea Rosemary Platz’ hybridized by Tim Tuttle and introduced in 2009. It is a compact, flat rosette. Leaves are bullate, hairy, medium green with silver edge, light green in center.  Flowers are purple with white reverse click here to see a close up.  Click here to see a dissected flower.

Size and form of leaves similar to Petrocosmea sericea, lighter center color similar to Petrocosmea cryptica. Flower form and shape similar to Petrocosmea cryptica.  See another picture here.   Petrocosmea cryptica formerly know as Petrocosmea rosettifolia.

Cross of Petrocosmea cryptica Petrocosmea sericea.