Ramonda myconi

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Ramonda myconi (L.) Rchb. [as Verbascum myconi L.]
Trew, C.J., Ehret, G.D., Plantae selectae, vol. 6: t. 57 (1760) [G.D. Ehret]

Note: The publication of this very famous illustrated book was prior to the introduction of Linneas’ system of binomial nomenclature, hence the lengthy description under the hand-colored copper plate. If one visits Hammarby, the former summer home of Carl Linnaeus and his family, one of the upstairs bedrooms is “wallpapered” in the proof sheets of this famous book, complete with handwritten annotations.  In 1758 Linnaeus bought the small estate of Hammarby in order to spend his holidays in a quiet place, the location near Uppsala University, Sweden, includes a museum and the out-building that housed his original herbarium to protect it from the threat of fire in the main house.