Streptocarpus candidus

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  • Photographer: Chris Rose
  • Grown by: Chris Rose

Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

Streptocarpus candidus has several populations in northern Natal, South Africa, which vary somewhat in characters — although it’s not clear if this variation is entirely due to habitat differences or to actual differences in genotype. In some circumstances, leaves can grow to 75 cm, but in other locations may be no larger than 10 cm. On larger established plants the the beautiful white flowers are abundantly produced, with distinctive markings towards the throat of the corolla, including a distinctive pair of violet blue chevrons which vary in intensity from clone to clone. Some individual plants may have slight blueish shading. The flowers are reported to have a honey-like scent.

The plant here was grown and photographed by Chris Rose. Additional photos of this plant and others may be seen by clicking on the links below to initiate a slide-show.