Streptocarpus hilsenbergii

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  • Photographer: Dirk Bellstedt
  • Grown by: In nature, Madagascar

Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

Streptocarpus hilsenbergii is a member of Section Hova within subgenus Streptocarpella, and is a Madagascan species. Most members of this Section have small and inconspicuous flowers, but S. hilsenbergii is an exception. The flowers are 25 to 45  mm long, with a large and showy lower corolla lobe.

Color is reported by Hilliard and Burtt to range from a rather pale violet to vivid red, although it is not clear that the latter color actually exists in any current population. Throat markings are generally a darker color, although some plants have white markings as in the photo above.

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