Streptocarpus rimicola

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  • Photographer: Dirk Bellstedt
  • Grown by: Growing near Thabazimbi, South Africa

Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

Streptocarpus rimicola is a very diminutive plant that grows in what would seem to be difficult circumstances. It grows under deep rock ledges and in cracks and fissures on the cliffs near the summit of high hills/mountains, and apparently depends upon mist and seepage for moisture.

It is under natural conditions monocarpic, and is usually unifoliate, although a second leaf can develop later in its growth cycle.

The photo above illustrates all of the diminutive size of the species, it’s single leaf, the twisted seed pod and the attractive small white flower. The watch face in the picture is 3 cm in diameter.

Additional photos of the species may be seen in a slide show by clicking one of the links below: