Chirita was an Old World genus of the flowering plant family Gesneriaceae, native to Indo-Malaysia, S. E. Asia, and southern China. In 2011, the species in the genus were reassigned to several genera, with the type species (C. urticifolia) assigned to the genus Henckelia. Chirita has become a synonym and no longer understood as a genus in its own right.

All content on the GRW that was previously classified as Chirita has been reassigned to different genera. The bulk of this is now in Primulina, with other content in Microchirita, Henckelia, Liebegia and Deinostigma. There is also new content in Chayamaritia and Damrongia.

For the complete story of the disappearance of Chirita, see the article Chirita Dismembered!, by David Middleton.