Authors: Wiehler, Hans
Publication: Selbyana
Year: 1975
Genera: Columnea, Gloxinia, Pentadenia, Rechsteineria, Sinningia, Trichantha

Revised naming for Rechsteineria/Sinningia, Seemannia/Gloxinia and Trichantha/Columnea is summarized. The first sets of new combinations are necessary for a further streamlining of the taxonomy of Gesneriaceae in cultivation. The transfer of Rechsteineria Regel to Sinniniga Nees was started for some cultivated species by Dr. H. E. Moore in Baileya 19:35-41, 1973, and the first species of Seemannia Regel was transferred by myself to Gloxinia L’Heritier in Baileya 18: 133-137, “1971” (1972). Full synonomies for each species will appear with the complete generic revisions.