Authors: Keene, Jeremy L.; Clark, John L.
Publication: Novon
Year: 2014
Genera: Monopyle

Two new species of Monopyle Moritz ex Benth. (Gesneriaceae) are described from central Panama near the Caribbean coast in the Panama Copper Concession (Consecion Minera Panama S. A.). The new species are endemic to Panama, are poorly represented in herbaria, and are differentiated from other Monopyle by a suite of characters. Monopyle aurea Keene & J. L. Clark has yellow flowers with a distinct maroon osmophore and red fleshy fruits. Monopyle longicarpa J. L. Clark & Keene has a villous golden indument on all vegetative surfaces and elongate linear fruits. Both species are differentiated from other congeners by the presence of small glandular trichomes along the margins of the corolla lobes.