Authors: da Costa-Lima, James; de Oliveira Chagas, Earl Celestino
Publication: Journal of Plant Taxonomy and Geography
Year: 2021
Genera: Napeanthus, Pedicularis

During the nomenclatural revision of Acanthaceae names described by Friar J.M.C. Vellozo in his Florae fluminensis, we realized that Pedicularis acaulis Vell. was conspecific with Napeanthus primulifolius (Gesneriaceae), a Brazilian Atlantic Forest endemic species. This study presents the complete and updated synonymy of N. primulifolius, including two new synonyms: Pedicularis acaulis and Oreocharis notha C.B.Clarke. We also propose a lectotype for N. primulifolius based on G.Raddi’s specimens and P. acaulis based on Vellozo’s original plate.