Authors: Rojas Gonzales, Rocio Del P.
Publication: Revista Xilema
Year: 2020
Genera: Many Genera

The family Gesneriaceae is a poorly studied group in Peru, was not treated in the Flora of Peru series, however between 1993 and 2005 various lists of Peruvian Gesneriaceae were published, reporting 150 species in 28 genera. Here we present an annotated list of the Gesneriaceae found in Peru, taking into account the findings of the last 15 years, which brings the total list up to 210 species in 34 genera, of which 10 genera are a result of taxonomic resurrections and synonymizations for species already known for Peru, and currently assigned to the genera: Amalophyllon Brandegee, Glossoloma Hanst., Gloxinella (H.E.Moore) Roalson & Boggan, Gloxiniopsis Ro alson & Boggan, Lesia J.L.Clark & J.F.Sm., Nomopyle Roalson & Boggan, Pachycaulos J .L.Clark & J.F.Sm., Sanango G.S.Bunting & J.A.Duke, Seemannia Regel and Trichodrymonia Oerst. In addition, the genera Chrysothemis Decne., is a new record to the Peruvian Gesneriaceae. Lastly, we add four species to the list of Peruvian endemics.

Article is in Spanish.