Authors: Möller, M.; Chen, W.-H.; Shui, Y.-M.; Atkins, H.; Middleton, D. J.
Publication: Gardens' Bulletin Singapore
Year: 2014
Genera: Briggsia, Glabrella, Loxostigma, Oreocharis

Since the transfer of several species of Briggsia to Oreocharis, including the type species Briggsia longifolia, the remaining 16 species of Briggsia have been in taxonomic limbo. We address this unsatisfactory situation by transferring 10 further species into Oreocharis on morphological grounds and by raising a new genus, with two species, based on previously published molecular data and their morphological distinction from other genera. This leaves only four species for which, at present, no satisfactory solution is available but, for pragmatic reasons until further research can be done, we place them in Loxostigma to which they are morphologically most similar and in which one already has a combination. Several names are lectotypified.