Authors: Kriebel, Ricardo
Publication: Novon
Year: 2006
Genera: Drymonia

A new species of Drymonia Martius, D. rubripilosa, is described, illustrated, and compared to D. multiflora (Oersted ex Hanstein) Wiehler, its closest presumed relative. The new species is distinguished by its sparsely to densely red-pilose stem apices, petioles, pedicels, calyxes, corollas, and ovaries. Its bivalved, fleshy capsule with fleshy indehiscent endocarp concealing the seeds is unique for Costa Rican species, shared otherwise only with D. folsomii and D. multiflora. Taxonomic comparison with D. multiflora and keys to separate the latter from D. rubripilosa are discussed.