Authors: Akhil, Mannar Kandy; Krishna, Nikhil; Amrutha, Athalappil; Nampy, Santhosh
Publication: Journal of Asia-Pacific Biodiversity
Year: 2020
Genera: Lysionotus

During a taxonomic revision of Lysionotus (Gesneriaceae) in India, a new species was found in Arunachal Pradesh that is described here. Lysionotus ziroensis resembles Lysionotus atropurpureus and Lysionotus sessilifolius, but differs markedly by its habit, leaf color, shape of bracts, appendages of anther connectives, etc. We provide a description, illustration, pictures, and information about the habitat of the new species. L. ziroensis is confined to a small area of the Lower Subansiri district, and further explorations are necessary to confirm the conservation status and is provisionally assessed here as “Data Deficient” in accordance with IUCN criteria.