Authors: Phonepaseuth, Phongphayboun; Souvannakhoummane, Keooudone; Tagane, Shuichiro; Souladeth, Phetlasy; Yahara, Tetsukazu
Publication: Thai Forest Bulletin
Year: 2021
Genera: Middletonia, Paraboea

A new species of Paraboea (Gesneriaceae), P. khotamiae, from a limestone karst in central Laos, is described and illustrated. The species resembles Paraboea bintangensis, P. prazeri and P. robusta, but differs in leaf shape and floral features, especially corolla shape and size, the interior of the corolla tube, and capsule characters. In addition, we report the occurrence of Middletonia reticulata (Gesneriaceae) for the flora of Laos for the first time.