Authors: MacMaster, Gwyneth; Möller, Michael; Hughes, Mark; Edwards, Trevor J.; Bellstedt, Dirk U.
Publication: Adansonia
Year: 2005
Genera: Streptocarpus

A new species of Streptocarpus (S. lanatus MacMaster) is described from central Madagascar. Material referable to this new taxon was previously assigned to S. ibityensis Humbert, from which it can be distinguished by its densely woolly leaves, smaller corolla lobes with purple markings, and lack of staminodes. It is endemic to Mt Itremo, where it grows in the shelter of boulders and small caves. Evidence in the form of a molecular phylogeny is presented to highlight the distinctiveness of the new species from related taxa. Both S. lanatus and S. ibityensis are classified in the IUCN category “Vulnerable”.