Authors: Rojas G., Rocio del P.; Clark, John L.
Publication: Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas
Year: 2015
Genera: Nautilocalyx

A recent botanical inventory of the sandstone outcrops in Tayu mujaji of the río Cenepa watershed of northeastern Peru (Amazonas province) has resulted in the discovery of a new species, Nautilocalyx rugosus R. Rojas & J.L. Clark of the Gesneriaceae (tribe: Gesnerieae and subtribe: Columneinae). The new species is distinguished from other species in the genus by a saxicolous habit, basal corolla spur, and markedly bullate leaves with a single elongate trichome at the apex of each bullation. The habitat of the type locality is a blackwater river on quartz sandstone in an area known locally as “cerro de los Tayus” and represents one of most botanically unexplored regions of Peru.

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