Authors: Hilliard, O. M.
Publication: Edinburgh Journal of Boany
Year: 2004
Genera: Chirita, Liebigia

Chirita sect. Liebigia (Gesneriaceae), endemic to Sumatra, Java and Bali, is revised, paying particular attention to inflorescence and anther characters, the latter being illustrated. Whereas a previous worker considered the section to consist of the single species C. asperifolia, the present revision recognizes 12 species. Six are newly described (C. adenonema, C. dissimilis, C. leuserensis, C. praeterita, C. tenuipes and C. tobaënsis), and C. blumei var. cordifolia is given specific rank as C. neoforbesii. Notes on the history and nomenclature of sect. Liebigia are given in an appendix by B.L. Burtt.