Authors: Weigend, Maximilian; Forther, Harald
Publication: Harvard Papers in Botany
Year: 2002
Genera: Solenophora

The genus Solenophora is revised on the basis of herbarium studies and field studies in Guatemala. A total of 18 taxa (16 species and three subspecies) are recognized, three of which are new to science: S. glomerata and S. modesta from southern Mexico and S. schleehaufii from northern Guatemala. Solenophora australis is reduced to infraspecific rank under S. calycosa, and S. calycosa subsp. purpurascens is described as an additional new subspecies under this species. Calyx and leaf morphology and indument are considered as the most reliable systematic characters in this group and are primarily used in delimiting taxa. With the new taxa here proposed it becomes clear that the centre of diversity for this genus lies in southern Mexico and northern Guatemala.