Authors: Weigend, Maximilian
Publication: Flora
Year: 2000
Genera: Linnaeopsis

A synopsis of the poorly known genus Linnaeopsis, endemic to the Uluguru Mts. in Tanzania, is provided. Three species are recognized: L. subscandens B. L. Burtt, L. heckmanniana Engl. and L. alba (E. A. Bruce) B. L. Burtt. L. heckmanniana is subdivided into two subspecies, ssp. heckmanniana and ssp. gracilis (E. A. Bruce) Weigend, stat. nov., and also in L. alba two subspecies are distinguished, ssp. alba and ssp. edwardsii Weigend, subsp. nov. The latter is marked by rugose leaves with 5-to 6-celled trichomes on the adaxial side (vs. 3- to 4-celled hairs in ssp. alba) and by different hair cover of the ovary and stem. The affinities of Linnaeopsis are discussed and an origin within or near Streptocarpus subg. Streptocarpus suggested. A close relationship with Saintpaulia appears rather unlikely.