Authors: Ramírez-Roa, Angélica ; Ibarra-Vázquez, Adolfo
Publication: Revista Mexicana de Biodiversidad
Year: 2023
Genera: Alsobia

Alsobia jaltenangensis is described and illustrated, it is a new rupicolous species from Chiapas, found in the town of Jaltenango de la Paz, municipality of Ángel Albino Corso. Distinguished from the 4 recognized species of the genus by elliptic leaves, elliptic-obovate calyx lobes, whitish corollas without blemishes, with a yellow throat, and erose margin of lobes. This discovery increases to 5 known species in Mexico and Central America, of which 4 of them are present in Mexico and 2 are endemic to Chiapas.

In Spanish with English Abstract