Authors: Wang, Yin-Zheng; Pan, Kai-Yu; Li, Zhen-Yu; Hong, De-Yuan
Publication: Acta Botanica Yunnanica
Year: 1996
Genera: Whytockia

The genus Whytockia WW Smith, mainly characterized by anisophylly, bilocular ovary with axi1e placentation and ebracteate pair-flowered cymes, is considered as the most primitive representative of the relict tribe Klugieae (Weber, 1982). Obviously, it is an ancient relic of the stock from which the other genera of Klugieae have evolved. But the origin and the ancestral group of its own is left unknown. An anamorphosis in the ontogeny of gynoecium found in Whytockia seems significant in explaining the origin of the gynoecium in Whytockia.