Authors: Clark, John L.; Holst, Bruce K.; Skog, Laurence E.
Publication: Selbyana
Year: 2003
Genera: Many Genera

An annotated list of the type specimens of Gesneriaceae in the Marie Selby Botanical Herbarium (SEL), including the former holdings of the Gesneriad Research Foundation Herbarium is presented. The annotated list includes information on locations of the duplicates of the type specimens in other herbaria. We here publish two new combinations, Columnea robusta (Wiehler) L. E. Skog and C. tutunendana (Wiehler) L.E. Skog; two new names, Columnea citriflora L.E. Skog and Columnea filamentosa L.E. Skog; seven newly designated neotypes; eight newly designated lectotypes; two lectotype corrections; and one name correction.