Authors: Clark, John L.; Matos, Jesus; Suarez T., Sara; Ginzbarg, Steven; Skog, Laurence E.
Publication: Selbyana
Year: 2013
Genera: Bellonia, Besleria, Columnea, Gesneria, Pheidonocarpa, Phinaea, Rhytidophyllum

This checklist includes all type locality information, nomenclature (including synonyms), habit, regional and political distribution for all of the Gesneriaceae reported from Cuba. Additional details are provided for species circumscriptions that differ from previous studies. Discussions are accompanied by figures outlining pertinent details for new circumscriptions. This checklist recognizes 38 species of Gesneriaceae that include the following genera: Bellonia (1 species), Besleria (1 species), Columnea (2 species), Gesneria (22 species), Gloxinia (1 species), Pheidonocarpa (1 species), Phinaea (1 species) and Rhytidophyllum (9 species). There are 30 endemics and 1 introduced species of Gesneriaceae in Cuba. Lectotypifications are provided for seven taxa. A look-up table is provided to facilitate referencing currently recognized species circumscriptions with previous treatments.