Authors: Möller, Michael; Nishii, K.; Atkins, H. J.; Kong, H. H.; Kang, M.; Wei, Y. G.; Wen, F.; Hong, X.; Middleton, D. J.
Publication: Gardens' Bulletin Singapore
Year: 2016
Genera: Deinostigma, Primulina

Based on molecular, morphological and cytological studies the previously monotypic genus Deinostigma W.T.Wang & Z.Y.Li has been expanded to include several species previously ascribed to Primulina Hance. Deinostigma now comprises seven species, including one previously placed in synonymy. The new combinations Deinostigma cicatricosa (W.T.Wang) D.J.Middleton & Mich.Möller, Deinostigma cycnostyla (B.L.Burtt) D.J.Middleton & H.J.Atkins, Deinostigma cyrtocarpa (D.Fang & L.Zeng) Mich.Möller & H.J.Atkins, Deinostigma eberhardtii (Pellegr.) D.J.Middleton & H.J.Atkins, Deinostigma minutihamata (D.Wood) D.J.Middleton & H.J.Atkins and Deinostigma tamiana (B.L.Burtt) D.J.Middleton & H.J.Atkins are made. Deinostigma eberhardtii is lectotypified. The genus is defined by a combination of an alternate leaf arrangement, hooked hairs on many plant parts, flowers with the pedicel inserted at an angle and off-centre on the receptacle, and, where known, a somatic chromosome number (2n) of < 36. This new circumscription of the genus expands its distribution from Vietnam into South China.