Authors: Georgieva, S.; Popol, B.; Miloshev, G.; Bonev, G.
Publication: Revue de médecine vétérinaire
Year: 2012
Genera: Haberlea

The aim of the study is to investigate radioprotective effects of total extract from Haberlea rhodopensis (a natural plant in the Balkan region) in vivo. For that, alkaline comet assay was performed on peripheral lymphocytes and plasma MDA (a marker of lipid peroxidation) concentrations were determined in New Zealand white rabbits (5 animals per group) 24 hours after whole body exposure to.-radiation (2.0 Gy) or sham irradiation eventually associated to intramuscular injection of 0.24 g/kg H. rhodopensis extract 2 hours before or 30 minutes after irradiation. The comet frequency, reflecting cellular DNA damage, was dramatically increased in lymphocytes from irradiated rabbits but this increase was significantly limited (by 40%) when H. rhodopensis extract was administered preliminary to irradiation. In addition, plasma MDA concentrations remained low in gamma-exposed rabbits treated before or after by H. rhodopensis extract whereas they were markedly elevated in animals only submitted to gamma-radiations. The results demonstrate the direct and indirect radioprotective effects in vivo of H. rhodopensis extract probably mediated by some antioxidant compounds.