Authors: Middleton, David J.; Nishii, Kanae; Puglisi, Carmen; Forrest, Laura L.; Möller, Michael
Publication: Plant Systematics and Evolution
Year: 2015
Genera: Chayamaritia, Chirita, Primulina

Based on a phylogenetic analysis of Asian Gesneriaceae with the most comprehensive coverage at the genus level to date, the new genus Chayamaritia is established and described in subfamily Didymocarpoideae, tribe Trichosporeae, subtribe Didymocarpinae. It contains two species, of which one, Chayamaritia smitinandii (B.L.Burtt) D.J.Middleton, was formerly placed in the genera Chirita and Henckelia. The other, Chayamaritia banksiae D.J.Middleton, is newly described. The exclusion of Chayamaritia smitinandii from Henckelia further clarifies the taxonomic and biogeographic limits of Henckelia following its considerable recircumscription during the recent remodelling and synonymisation of Chirita.