Authors: Wen, Fang; Wang, Yue; Fan, Wen-Feng; Guo, Li-Feng; Zhang, Qi-Xiang
Publication: Guihaia
Year: 2009
Genera: Chirita

A new species of Gesneriaceae, Chirita leeii Fang Wen, Yue Wang Q.X.Zhang, which was only found to grow in a karst caves nearby the downtown of Liuzhou City, Guangxi,China, is described and illustrated. This species resembles C.shouchengensis Z.Y.Li and C.baishouensis Y.G.Wei,H.Q.Wen et S.H.Zhong. It differing from the former in its larger stature,leaves and flowers, denticulate long ovate-elliptic or elliptic leaves,1—3-flowered inflorescences, and three staminodes per flower,and from the latter in its denticulate leaves,1-3-flowered inflorescences,dorsally densely purple-barbate anthers,and three staminodes per flower. LESS