Authors: Stevanovic, V.; Niketic, M.; Stevanovic, B.
Publication: Botanika Chronika
Year: 1991
Genera: Ramonda

Ramonda serbica and R. nathaliae, the endemo-relic species of the Balkans, are generally believed to inhabit mostly clearly separated areas; in Macedonia the dividing line between their respective areas would be the watershed between the Aegean and the Adriatic river systems. However, the recent chorological investigations challenge this view: we established the existence of two zones of sympatry in SE Serbia, as well as of several localities where R. serbica encroaches upon the Aegean region inhabited by R. nathaliae. There are also some literature data on the possibly parapatric distribution of these species in N & NW Greece. These recent investigational results are taken into account together with the literature and herbarium data and horizontal and vertical distribution of Balkan ramondas are presented.