Authors: Singh, Rajeev Kumar
Publication: Phytotaxa
Year: 2023
Genera: Columnea

The Neotropical genus Columnea Plum. ex L. (Linnaeus 1753: 638) consists of about 214 species, distributed in Mexico to Tropical America and constitutes the largest genus in subfamily Gesnerioideae, family Gesneriaceae (Schulte et al. 2014, Clark et al. 2021, POWO 2023). In the Republic of Colombia, the genus is represented by 100 species, of which 37 are endemic, POWO 2023). Recently with the phylogenetic evidences the genus Dalbergaria Tussac (1808: 141) has also been merged with Columnea (Schulte et al. 2014, Clark et al. 2021). Karsten (1865) described two species, Columnea labellosa H.Karst. (Karsten 1865: 105) and C. picta H.Karst. (Karsten 1865: 105) from Colombia. The latter name is illegitimate, as it is a later homonym of C. picta (Lemaire) Lemaire ex Hanstein (1864: 422) according to Article 53.1 in Turland et al. (2018). Although, it was validly transferred to Dalbergaria