Authors: Xin, Zi-Bing; Fu, Long-Fei; Fu, Zhi-Xi; Li, Shu; Wei, Yi-Gang; Wen, Fang
Publication: Mitochondrial DNA Part B Resources
Year: 2019
Genera: Petrocodon

The complete chloroplast genome of Petrocodon jingxiensis (Yan Liu, H.S. Gao, and W.B. Xu) A. Weber and Mich. Möller was determined in this study. The cp genome was 153,056 bp in length including two inverted repeats (IRs) of 25,405 bp, which were separated by LSC and SSC of 84,154 bp and 18,092 bp, respectively. The GC content was 41.9%. The genome encoded 112 functional genes, including 79 protein-coding genes, 29 tRNA genes, and four rRNA genes. This plastid genome is the first report for the Petrocodon in Gesneriaceae which will be useful data for developing markers for further studies on resolving the relationship within the genus.