Authors: Olivar, Jay Edneil C.; Mazo, Kean Roe F.; Hauenschild, Frank; Muellner-Riehl, Alexandra N.
Publication: Philippine Journal of Systematic Biology
Year: 2022
Genera: Cyrtandra

A new variety of Cyrtandra villosissima from Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines, C. villosissima var. flavovirens, is here described. Both C. villosissima var. villosissima and C. villosissima var. flavovirens are erect suffrutescent plants, with large leaves that are slightly falcate, and have inflorescences with linear, densely hirsute bracts. Cyrtandra villosissima var. flavovirens can be distinguished from C. villosissima var. villosissima by its pale yellow to yellow-green corollas and its pedunculate inflorescences. A key to morphologically similar taxa, distribution maps, and photographs of the varieties are here provided.