Authors: Serrano-Serrano, Martha Lilliana; Perret, Mathieu; Guignard, Maite; Chautems, Alain; Silvestro, Daniele; Salamin, Nicolas
Publication: BMC Evolutionary Biology
Year: 2015
Genera: Codonanthe, Codonanthopsis, Nematanthus

Major factors influencing the phenotypic diversity of a lineage can be recognized by characterizing the extent and mode of trait evolution between related species. Here, we compared the evolutionary dynamics of traits associated with floral morphology and climatic preferences in a clade composed of the genera Codonanthopsis, Codonanthe and Nematanthus (Gesneriaceae). To test the mode and specific components that lead to phenotypic diversity in this group, we performed a Bayesian phylogenetic analysis of combined nuclear and plastid DNA sequences and modeled the evolution of quantitative traits related to flower shape and size and to climatic preferences. We propose an alternative approach to display graphically the complex dynamics of trait evolution along a phylogenetic tree using a wide range of evolutionary scenarios.