Authors: Clark, John L.; Clark, John R,
Publication: Selbyana
Year: 2008
Genera: Drymonia

Recent field expeditions and preliminary work on revising Drymonia and closely related genera have resulted in the discovery of a new plant species from Ecuador. The new species, Drymonia collegarum (Gesneriaceae), is an epiphyte that is often confused with other Drymonia and Alloplectus species. This species is differentiated by clustered fascicles of axillary flowers, hypocyrtoid corollas, fleshy capsules with tardily dehiscent endocarps, and a robust erect epiphytic habit. It is common along the western Andean slopes of Ecuador from Azuay to Esmeraldas. This and closely related species are characterized by nonporicidal anthers and hypocyrtoid corollas, characters that are atypical for the genus Drymonia.