Authors: Clavijo, Laura; Zuluaga, Alejandro; Clark, John L.
Publication: Brittonia
Year: 2019
Genera: Drymonia

Drymonia croatii, a new species of Gesneriaceae from the Pacific slopes of the Colombian Andes (department of Valle del Cauca) is described and illustrated. Drymonia croatii is similar to D. ovatifolia and D. foliacea; it is differentiated by the following characters: indument on stem and leaves composed of a combination of simple (septate and non-septate) and glandular hairs; peltate glandular hairs on the abaxial surfaces of leaf blades, inflorescence bracts and calyx; corolla tube white with purple veins outside and a yellow ventral canal inside, basal third of the corolla tube narrow, corolla lobes purple with fimbriate margins; and a fleshy capsule with reflexed valves that are light yellow with brown dots adaxially.