Authors: Taram, Momang; Hui, Pallabi; Tag, Hui
Publication: Pleione
Year: 2021
Genera: Boeica, Loxostigma, Lysionotus, Rhynchotechum

The present ethnobotanical investigation reports 21 species of Gesneriaceae used by the indigenous tribal communities namely Adi, Galo, Nyishi, Tagin, Tangsa and Lisu of Arunachal Pradesh. Rhynchotechum parviflorum, Rhynchotechum ellipticum and Boeica fulva were found abundant and widely used as both food and medicinal purposes. However, Rhynchotechum nirijuliense, Rhynchotechum ellipticum, Rhynchotechum parviflorum and Rhynchotechum obovatum have showed highest use value (UV) indicating their ethnobotanical and cultural significance to the tribal communities while Importance value (IVs) of all the Gesneriaceae members were found ranging between 0.16 – 0.88. Boeica fulva and Rhynchotechum ellipticum has showed highest importance value (0.88 each) indicating their economic and cultural importance while the genera Lysionotus and Loxostigma are reported as ethnobotanical novelties