Authors: Kiew, R.
Publication: Gardens' Bulletin Singapore
Year: 1992
Genera: Didymocarpus

Five new species of Didymocarpus are described from Peninsular Malaysia. Two, D. anthonyi Kiew and D. leiophyllus Kiew, are from the east coast and belong to sect. Boeopsis; D. leucanthus Kiew is from the foothills of Selangor; D. stoloniferus Kiew from Gunung Ulu Kali, Pahang; and D. salicinoides Kiew, from Trengganu and southern Kelantan, is raised to specific rank having previously been described as D. salicinus var. major Ridley. The sections Boeopsis and Salicini are defined and keys to their species provided. Didymocarpus lithophilus Kiew is validated.