Authors: Chautems, Alain; Lopes, Tereza Cristina Costa; Peixoto, Mauro; Rossini, Josiene
Publication: Selbyana
Year: 2005
Genera: Nematanthus

Five new Nematanthus species are described, mapped, and illustrated: N. albus Chautems; N. kautskyi Chautems & J.Rossini; N. punctatus Chautems; N. pycnophyllus Chautems, T.Lopes & M.Peixoto; and N. wiehleri Chautems & M.Peixoto. Their conservation status following IUCN criteria is given. Three species are melittophilous, adding a new pollination syndrome to the genus. The circumscription of Nematanthus therefore is redefined and includes 31 species. A revised key to the whole genus is provided.