Authors: Chautems, Alain; de Araujo, Andrea Onofre; Mala, Isabele Carvalho
Publication: Rodriguesia
Year: 2018
Genera: Diastema, Goyazia, Mandirola, Nautilocalyx, Phinaea, Sinningia

Six species belonging to six genera were recorded for the canga formations of the Serra dos Carajás, Pará, Brasil: Diastema, Goyazia, Mandirola, Nautilocalyx, Phinaea and Sinningia. It was not possible to identify the Diastema species due to the lack of known collections in Brazil for this genus. Sinningia minima is endemic to the canga from the Serra dos Carajás, while the other taxa have a wide distribution and reach the Guianas, the Northwest of South America or the Cerrado in central Brazil. Identification key, descriptions, illustrations, geographic distribution and comments on the species are provided.

Article is in Portuguese.