Authors: de Barros, Maria Jullyana; Mansano, Vidal de Freitas; Chautems, Alain
Publication: Hoehnea
Year: 2010
Genera: Besleria, Nematanthus, Sinningia

The family Gesneriaceae is composed by about 140 genera and 3,500 species. In Brazil there are about 22 genera and 220 species. the Itatiaia National Park is an area with a great altitudinal variation, and, for consequence with a high diversity of vegetal formations, from moist forests to “campos”. This paper is based on a bibliographic revision, analysis of herbarium material, field observations and collections. Floristic comparisons were made using the Jaccard similarity index to verify the similarities among the Gesneriaceae of the Itatiaia National Park and surrounded areas of the states of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. three genera and nine species were identified: Besleria (1 sp.), Nematanthus (3 spp.) and Sinningia (5 spp.). Identification keys to the genera and species, descriptions, illustrations and taxonomic comments are presented. the flora of Gesneriaceae of Itatiaia is more similar to areas such as serra do brigadeiro and serra do caparaó in Minas Gerais than of the tested areas of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Paper is in Portuguese.