Authors: Johnson, Melissa A.
Publication: PhytoKeys
Year: 2017
Genera: Cyrtandra

During fieldwork in Fiji, four new species of Cyrtandra (Gesneriaceae) were discovered and are described herein: C. gregoryi M.A.Johnson, sp. nov., C. hispida M.A.Johnson, sp. nov., C. longifructosa M.A.Johnson, sp. nov., and C. waisaliensis M.A.Johnson, sp. nov. The addition of four new species brings the current number of Fijian Cyrtandra to 41 endemic species. Two of the four species are known from only a single locality, and all of the new species are likely endangered or critically endangered. Continued fieldwork in the islands of Fiji is warranted in order to better understand current species distributions and population demographics of Cyrtandra in this species-rich and still poorly explored region of the South Pacific.