Authors: Chen, Wen-Hong; Zhang, Ya-Mei; He, De-Ming; Li, Yong-Liang; Shui, Yu-Min
Publication: PhytoKeys
Year: 2020
Genera: Oreocharis

Four new species of Oreocharis (Gesneriaceae) are described and illustrated. These new species grow in pairs in montane forests in Yunnan province, China. One pair grows in Wenshan county, Southeast Yunnan, viz. Oreocharis eriocarpa W.H. Chen & Y.M. Shui and O. wenshanensis W.H. Chen & Y.M. Shui and another pair grows in Yongde county, Southwest Yunnan, viz. O. fulva W.H. Chen & Y.M. Shui and O. lacerata W.H. Chen & Y.M. Shui. Their morphological and geographical relationship with similar species is discussed and the IUCN endangered status is provided, based on the available data.